The Oakstones are a young, high-energy rock group that hails from North Delta B.C. They are making an effort to bring back rock ’n roll and break into the modern rock scene. Since forming in October of 2016, The Oakstones have accomplished the recording and release of 3 singles and a full-length LP, as well as playing many shows across Greater Vancouver and Victoria. Each member of the band plays a very important role in songwriting and live performance.


Despite having a 70's rock driven sound, each member takes influence from different types of music and have all found common ground with their own unique sound. The Oakstones live shows have a powerful old-school energy that effortlessly captivates each member of the audience. The band's skill level and professionalism are beyond their age with each member having years of performing and musical experience throughout their youth. 


The Oakstones ultimate goal is share their music with the world and bring brightness into the lives of those who listen. All for the love of music, and all for rock 'n' roll. 



Jacob Andresen: Bass & Back Vocals (Top left)

Cam D'Eith: Lead Vocals (Bottom Left)

Bradley “James” Lambert: Lead Guitar, Lapsteel & Back Vocals. (Top Right)

Jack Williams: Drums (Bottom Right)


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  • Nov 28th, 2019

    • Launch Project 2019 Finale

             The Roxy  Vancouver, BC


The Oakstones are performing their last show of 2019 !

November 28th at The Roxy Launch Project in the Final stage !

We welcome are newest member Jack Williams to the band on drums!

We are currently recording their second LP for a planned release in early spring of 2020!

The Oakstones competed in Best In Vancouver 2019 and The Roxy Launch Project 2019!

The Cycle Pt,II (Live At The Farm) is now out live on all streaming


Check out The Oakstones live feature at The Butcher Shop



Where You Going

With My Heart

[Single- 2019]

small album cover.jpeg

The Oakstones

[Album- 2018]


The Cycle Pt. II



You're Fun


Dark Sunday


The Cycle Pt. II 

[Live at the Farm]

[Single- 2019]



  • Released a full-length LP - recorded, funded, and promoted independently.

  • Their first single "Dark Sunday" was released in November of 2017 and received an exceptional response online. It is currently sitting at over 322,000 streams on Spotify and was featured on multiple Spotify playlists.

  • The band has consistently kept over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify since the release of their first single

  • Participated in the Roxy launch project 2018. 

  • Played three shows during the Victoria Day Long Weekend Parade 2018 in the city of Victoria B.C. hosted by the Greater Victoria Festival Society and 100.3 The Q F.M

  • Played multiple successful shows at The Red Room and The Roxy Cabaret in Vancouver (as both support and headliner)

  • Have been working with Clyde Hill from Magnetized Management since July 2018

  • In 2018's Spotify Wrapped Stats had a total of 281k Streams, 81k fans, 15k hours and were listened to in 64 countries!

  • Featured in a newspaper article in the North Delta Reporter (Jan 12th, 2019)

  • Released a new single "Where You Going With My Heart", from their upcoming EP (Jan 31st, 2019)

  • Released a live version of The Cycle Pt.II with new front man Cameron D'Eith on all streaming platforms and a Youtube video

  • Headlined Magnetized Productions 6 band show "Saturday Nights Alright" at The Red Room August 10th 2019!

  • On September 7th The Oakstones played their first festival show. This was a highly successful show putting the band infront of 1000's of people who never heard them before. They Headlined Stage 2 at Recovery Day Festival 2019 before legendary Canadian rock band Trooper headlined Stage 1. 



“One of the greatest unheard bands out there. Get this band out there and get them heard” – Shaun L.

"I'd like to describe this band as the old souls of modern rock" -Sidney Parker Evolution 107.9 F.M

“Amazing debut album. Every song is good from the beginning to the end. It's a sound you don't hear much anymore. I'll have this one on constant rotation for a while.” – Will S.

“Met these guys today. Great bunch of lads. Talent up the wazoo and very down-to-earth. Their sound is tight and their talent makes them sound seasoned beyond their years.” – Ace E.

"I’m not sure where to even begin about this band but I’m certain that they would be the poster-definition of “Old Souls”.

Wild musical technicality entwined with electrifying presence that included hair surging every which way in the air. Had a gentleman behind me phone someone to rush over to see them, comparing them to “Greta Van Fleet- but better”. 


With an unbreakably focused eye and body of Sam Cummings on drums, Bradley Lambert on guitar being absolutely possessed with beaming talent to share in incredible riffs, Jacob Andreson blowing my mind by pouring his entire self and soul harder than ANY bassist I’ve ever witnessed on any platform, to Cameron D"eith, who in every fragment of his being radiates that he crawled out of the womb screaming as an absolute rockstar; they could easily balance out to be one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. 


For anyone who believes that “Rock ‘N’ Roll is Dead” just needs to hear their spice of resurrection that they bring so creatively & passionately, implementing “Peace & Love” with a grounding Buddha on their amp. I honestly can not wait to see them blow up, they are genuine, raw talent." -Sasha Lennox.

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